Generate Web Intelligence Quicker, Easier and More Efficiently

Inteller empowers web intelligence teams and SOCs by providing them with proprietary technology that automates collection, processing and dissemination of intelligence based on multiple and diverse web-based sources, customized for every team's needs.

  • Automate your web intelligence operation
  • Customize workflows to support your team's needs
  • Easily expand your monitoring activites to new sources and updated existing ones
  • A unified platform for all intelligence needs
  • Unique modular approach provides high levels of flexibility and customization
  • Easy integration with existing systems
  • Cloud layer enables automatic updates to crawlers and other components
  • Field proven, deployed in organizations from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups

Why Fraud Examiners Really Need to Be Familiar With the Dark Web

Written By: Idan Aharoni      Apr 23, 2019
Back in March, Fraud Conference News reported on a presentation by Ritesh Bhatia at the 2019 ACFE Fraud Conference Middle East, titled “Why Fraud Examiners Need to Be Familiar With the Dark Web”. While I do not agree with some of the statements that were made by Mr. Bhatia (f...

The Rise of Fintech Means an Optimistic Future for Fraudsters

Written By: Idan Aharoni      Mar 20, 2019
Last month, Javelin Strategy & Research published the 2019 Identity Fraud Study, which contained the good news that overall card fraud is in decline. The adoption of strong anti-fraud measures such as EMV has made it difficult to successfully pull off card-present fraud and force...

How the Full Potential of Threat Intelligence is Often Missed

Written By: Idan Aharoni      Jan 23, 2019
In recent years, threat intelligence has become a staple in SOC operations, and for good reason. While a SOC team normally has visibility into events that happen within their organization’s networks, such as failed attempts to log into a resource or suspicious requests to acces...