About Us

Inteller was founded in May 2015 by Idan Aharoni, a web intelligence professional with over a decade of experience in monitoring the Dark Web and managing web intelligence operations.
We are a boutique vendor for organizations who have internal intelligence operations, with the aim of supporting our customers both in terms of technology and knowledge.


Idan Aharoni - Founder & CEO

Idan is the former Head of Cyber Intelligence at RSA, the Security Division of EMC, where he founded and led an intelligence group responsible of gathering, analyzing and reporting intelligence findings on cybercrime activities. Idan joined Cyota (later acquired by RSA) in February 2005, where he founded the FraudAction Intelligence team, which he led until 2013. Later, he founded the CyberCrime Intelligence team, which provided enterprises intelligence on data leaks from malware activity. With over a decade worth of experience in leading the monitoring of cybercriminal communities, Idan offers vast expertise into the underground fraud economy and how cybercriminals operate.

Adi Aharoni - VP Business Development

Before joining Inteller, Adi was the head of credit cards portfolio at the First International Bank of Israel (FIBI). With past experience in strategic planning in both FIBI and Rotem Strategy, a leading strategy consulting firm, as well as in classified intelligence work in unit 8200 (the Israeli army's SIGINT unit), Adi brings a lot of experience in banking, intelligence and strategic planning.