Supercharge Your Web Intelligence Team

The Inteller platform is a powerful on-premise solution designed for intelligence teams, built based on over a decade of experience in running major intelligence operations.

The platform enables the automation of the intelligence operation, as well as supports manual activities such as analyst review, all while offering robust customization options spanning the entire intelligence operation lifecycle - data collection, processing and intelligence dissemination.

On-Going Monitoring & On-Demand Collection From Web Sources

WIOC provides the framework to build, deploy and manage crawlers which automatically monitor web sources and extract relevant intelligence, as well as combine intelligence collected on-demand from a myriad of sources.
Data is prioritized, categorized and automatically processed to quickly identify the crucial pieces of information out of everything that has been collected. WIOC is easy to integrate, allowing for intelligence to be pushed to and pulled by other systems in the operation, making sure the intelligence gets disseminated to the right people or devices.

Support Many Complex & Diverse Processes Under One Roof

One of the major challenges of web intelligence operations is their diversity. No matter what world you are monitoring, cybercrime, Jihadi networks or certain industries for business intelligence purposes, relevant intelligence will exist in many types of sources and in various formats. Some types of data can be processed completely automatically, while others would require an analyst to go over them. With its modular design, where every crawler, automatic script and action is a separate "app", WIOC allows for the setup of many complex and diverse processes.
The same modular design also ensures that workflows can be easily updated and changed based on the evolving requirements of your team.

Continuous Support with Inteller Online

Running an automated web intelligence operation normally requires a lot of resources, not just to expand but also to maintain.
With Inteller Online, our cloud-based layer, your team has the support of an expert development team on hand. Any issues encountered by the various components are uploaded to Inteller Online where they are analyzed. If necessary, our team updates components to ensure that they are always up-to-date and working, and the fix is deployed automatically.
WIOC allows your team to focus on the intelligence work and let us worry about the maintenance.

Key Benefits

  • Scale - Workflow automation
  • Coverage - Monitor varied types of web-based sources (websites, API services, internal databases and more)
  • Customization - Each Inteller deployment can be tweaked and customized to support every customer's special needs, ensuring Inteller fits perfectly to existing operations and workflows
  • Flexibility & Future Proof - Easily expand your monitoring activities to new sources, updating existing workflows
  • Standartization - All collected intelligence is stored in a higly-flexible-yet-standard format, enabling easy processing and analysis of varying data types
  • Modular Design - The unique modular design enables the easy creation of workflows. Use existing components, build new ones your own or have Inteller build them for you
  • Hassle free maintenance
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