Supercharge Your Web Intelligence Team

The Inteller platform is a powerful on-premise solution designed for intelligence teams, built based on over a decade of experience in running major intelligence operations.

The platform enables the automation of the intelligence operation, as well as supports manual activities such as analyst review, all while offering robust customization options spanning the entire intelligence operation lifecycle - data collection, processing and intelligence dissemination.



Do more with less analysts by introducing workflow automation


Monitor varied types of web-based sources (websites, API services, internal databases and more)


Each Inteller deployment can be tweaked and customized to support every customer's special needs

Flexibility & Future Proof

Easily expand your monitoring activities to new sources, updating existing workflows


All collected intelligence is stored in a highly-flexible-yet-standard format, enabling easy processing and analysis of varying data types

Modular Design

The unique modular design enables the easy creation of workflows. Use existing components, build new ones on your own or have Inteller build them for you

Designed to Tackle Web Intelligence's Biggest Challenges

Diversity of Sources and Data

Intelligence operations must extract intelligence from extremely diverse sources, including social media, open source, closed Dark Web communities and more. Inteller's has a unique modular design in which every web intelligence activity, such as collection, processing, analysis and dissemination is an app that can be installed and set up. Need to add a new forum to the coverage of your intelligence operation? simply install the appropriate app.

Ever-changing Landscape

Threat actors oftentime adopt new tools, communication methods and community platforms. Intelligence operations must be able to extract intelligence from new, never before seen, sources in order to stay current. Inteller's proprietary SDKs make it easy and simple to develop and deploy new crawlers and update workflows.

High Maintenance

Often overlooked, crawler maintenance can become a major hurdle for any intelligence operation. Inteller has a unique support service in which issues encountered by crawlers are automatically reviewed, fixed and updated by Inteller experts. Thus, customers do not have to deal with the hassle of maintaining crawlers, while ensuring that their operation is always up-to-date.

Flexibility to Support Every Need

Here are just a few ways Inteller's clients use the platform today:
  • Automation of cyber intelligence services
  • Automation of intelligence feeds
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Open source monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • Cyber investigations support
  • Intelligence extraction from internal data warehouses

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