Implementing threat intelligence from vendors is important, but it has its limitations

  • Limited reaction time to new sources and threats
  • Relevant internal sources cannot be accessed
  • Integration and data-processing is often needed for threat response

Despite incorporating threat intelligence from multiple vendors, organizations still rely on internally-developed scripts to support their security operations. These scripts have several inherent flaws:
  • Limited in their capabilities to handle the many issues often encountered by crawlers - connection errors, anti-bot challenges, changes in the sources, and more.
  • Difficult to track performance of each script, as well as the overall operation, over time
  • Diversity of sources, data types and stakeholders make it difficult to easily manage the operation

Collect, Process and Distribute Threat Intelligence from Anywhere to Anywhere

The Inteller platform is an on-premise solution designed to help SOCs tackle the challenges of deploying, maintaining, and managing intelligence collection, processing, and distribution.

Inteller has a unique modular design, in which every intelligence activity - data collection from a source, analysis, or distribution - is an "app". Deploying different apps enables the set up of comprehensive, customized workflows.

A single Inteller deployment can contain dozens and even hundreds of workflows, designed to bring data into the system from a myriad of sources, turn it to intelligence, and push it to the right stakeholders.


Flexibility & Future Proof

Easily expand your monitoring capabilities to newly-discovered sources, updating existing workflows


Monitor varied types of web-based sources (websites, API services, internal databases and more)


Each Inteller deployment can be tweaked and customized to support every customer's special needs

Varied Use-Cases

Use Inteller to monitor sources on an on-going basis, or perform searches on-demand across multiple sources


Deploy completely automated and semi-automated workflows


All collected intelligence is stored in a highly-flexible-yet-standard format, enabling easy processing and analysis of varying data types

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